Sunday, December 16, 2012

Strawberry Shortcake

Today was my final class of Baking Arts and George Brown. I had a great time making new friends, baking new things and learning from Chef Jo. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in enhancing their baking skills.

I love strawberry shortcake, so I was really excited about class this week. But it is a bittersweet moment because the class is finished. I will definitely make some of these recipes again, and will certainly take another class at GB.

Here is a modified version of the recipe we made in class. It will make 2 cakes.

450 g - Bread Flour, Sifted
450 g - Sugar
15 - Eggs
1 g - Salt
5 g - Vanilla
2 L - 35% cream
16 - Strawberries, halved for garnish
3 lbs - Strawberries, sliced for filling
500 ml - Whipped Topping*
300 g - Coating Chocolate

*Can use Cool Whip instead

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 F
  2. In an electric mixer using the whisk attachment, whip together the eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla for about 7 minutes on medium speed. The foam structure should be light but at the same time should be slightly firm.
  3. Fold in the sifted flour slowly, using your hand. By using your hand you will be able to feel the flour that needs to be incorporated and you won't disturb the eggs too much. Too much movement will cause the eggs to deflate.
  4.  Grease and flour 5"x7" cake tins. Divide the mixture evenly between the cake tins. They should be filled 2/3 of the way.
  5. Bake at 400 F for about 25 minutes. The cakes should be of a dry appearance and spring to the touch. Set aside to cool.
  6. Whip the 35% cream to firm peaks.
  7. Whip the whipped topping to firm peaks.
  8. Fold the cream and topping together until blended. Set aside.
  9. Place the chocolate over a hot water bath until melted. 
  10. Prep your strawberries. 16 should be cut in half and dipped in chocolate and be the garnish. The leaves can be left on or cut off depending on your preference.
  11. The remaining strawberries should be sliced and then combined in with half of  the cream/topping mix.
  12. Slice the cakes in half to make two layers. Soak the tops with sugar syrup (can be store bought or home made). We used the juices from the cut strawberries and added sugar.
  13. Layer one side with the strawberry and cream mixture. Replace top later of cake.
  14. Mask with the remaining half of the cream/topping mix.
  15. Using a piping bag, pipe rosettes of cream on the top outer edge. We piped 8.
  16. Place the dipped strawberries on top of each rosette. 
  17. More decoration can be added -  we added shaved chocolate to the centre and toasted almonds to the sides of the cake.

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