Friday, July 19, 2013


I work at the University of Toronto's downtown campus. That means that I eat lunch around there often. I try to pack my lunch most days, but sometimes there's no food at home, or I'm just too lazy!

I've found UeaT to be a great resource."UeaT is about more than just serving food; it is an interactive and dynamic way of thinking about food. Through UeaT, we encourage our customers to understand, interact with, and engage with food. With over 40 cafeterias and dining halls, we strive to provide a wide selection of healthy and affordable meals for our students, staff and faculty members."

This webpage not only provides a list of all the places to eat on campus, but has a food map, recipes, photos, fun facts (did you know: each year, Chestnut Residence hosts “Battle of the Wings“ where 600 hungry students eat 1200 lbs of wings, and vote for their favorite one) and a blog! Their latest blog post is all about Sriracha: the Asian Ketchup, which takes you on a fascinating path and presents you with 4 ways to use Sriracha better.

My favourite place to eat on campus is Sammy's Student Exchange. "Sammy’s is a multicultural pub and cafe inside Hart House. They serve healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner catered for a variety of diets. Sammy’s also features music, a full bar, large screen tv and outdoor patio." I usually get the couscous salad with feta cheese and veggies. It's nice and light and very refreshing on a warm day.

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